Smart Park Meter

Cleveland releases RFP to modernize on-street parking across city


Oct. 6, 2022 — Cleveland — The City of Cleveland is seeking a vendor to modernize the operations of its entire on-street parking system. 
Across the city, coin operated meters will be replaced with smart parking meters and a new mobile parking payment service platform, which will allow customers to pay for their parking through an app, text message, or by scanning a QR code. 
“Modernizing our city’s on-street parking system will make the public’s experience much more customer friendly and convenient,” said Mayor Justin M. Bibb. “This is a big upgrade that makes payments easy, allows us to see parking trends, analyze data, and improve efficiency.” 
The city’s existing on-street parking system is comprised of approximately 2,500 single-space parking meters and 26 solar powered, multi-space smart meter kiosks. The Division of Parking Facilities, in the Department of Public Works, is tasked with the installation, repair, maintenance, collection and enforcement of the on-street meter system. 
The new system will be a seamless network of single-space and multi-space smart, credit card enabled parking meters and kiosks. 
“This project will involve taking a look at parking across the city to assess demand, evaluate lots, establish defined parking zones, and look at rates and revenue,” said Cleveland’s Chief Operating Officer Bonnie Teeuwen. “Introducing additional payment options also eliminates the hassle of making sure you have quarters to park.” 
Additionally, the new smart parking solution will improve efficiency in the area of enforcement, through new license plate recognition equipment for mobile and handheld devices.
The proposal submission deadline is Nov. 3, 2022. Implementation of the smart parking system is expected to begin in summer 2023.
The full request for proposals (RFP) is available on the city’s website.