Justin M. Bibb

Justin M. Bibb is the 58th Mayor of Cleveland working to improve public safety, invest in neighborhoods and modernize City Hall. On January 3, 2022, Mayor Bibb took the oath of office as the city’s first millennial mayor. 

Mayor Bibb was born and raised on Cleveland’s southeast side in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Over the past 15 years, Mayor Bibb has worked in government, business and the nonprofit sector as an executive and nonprofit leader. He started his career in public service working for President Obama when he was in the U.S. Senate and later at Cuyahoga County as a Special Assistant advising on education and economic development policies. He led the Global Cities Practice at global research firm Gallup, served as Vice President at KeyBank and most recently as Chief Strategy Officer at Urbanova, a startup focused on improving cities. 

Mayor Bibb is a proud American University alumnus with an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies. He completed the General Course Programme with an emphasis in Social Policy and Economics from the London School of Economics and is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Law (JD). 

Since taking office, Mayor Bibb has successfully brought Cleveland back into the national conversation. For the first time in decades, Cleveland has a leadership role in the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and Ohio Mayor’s Alliance, prioritizing state and national advocacy to bring grants and partnerships home. He is an active member of the USCM Advisory Board, Vice Chair for Climate & Resilience on the Environment Committee, Co-Chair of U.S. Climate Mayors and member of the Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns coalition. 

Mayor Bibb’s vision for Cleveland is to become a national model for city management, police reform, and neighborhood revitalization. 



Mayor Bibb has brought together a dynamic group of leaders that reflect the diversity of our city and are committed to delivering a modern and responsive city government for the citizens of Cleveland.


Bradford J. Davy

Chief of Staff

Ryan M. Puente

Deputy Chief of Staff & Chief Government Affairs Officer

Mark D. Griffin

Chief Legal Officer

Ahmed Abonamah

Chief Finance Officer

Bonnie Teeuwen

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah N. Johnson

Chief Communications Officer

Jeff Epstein

Chief Integrated Development Officer

Michele Pomerantz

Chief of Education

Sonya Pryor-Jones

Chief of Youth & Family Success

Froilan Roy Fernando

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Karrie D. Howard

Chief Public Safety Officer

Dornat A. Drummond

Chief of Police

Anthony P. Luke

Chief of Fire

Orlando Wheeler

EMS Commissioner

Delanté Spencer Thomas Esq.

Chief Ethics Officer


Mary McNamara

Director of Aging

Sally Martin

Director of Building and Housing

Rachon Long

Director of Civil Service

Joyce Pan Huang

Director of City Planning

Dr. David Margolius

Director of Public Health

Tyson Mitchell

Director of Equal Opportunity

Elizabeth Crowe

Director of the Office of Urban Analytics & Innovation

Martin J. Keane

Director of Public Utilities

Frank Williams

Director of Public Works

James DeRosa

Director of Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects

Angela D. Shute-Woodson

Director of Community Relations & Senior Advisor, Community and Government Affairs

Alyssa Hernandez

Director of Community Development

Sarah O'Keeffe

Director of Sustainability

Michelle Rose

Executive Director, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Workforce Development Board

Dr. Leigh R. Anderson

Executive Director, Police Accountability Team

Bryant L. Francis

Director of Port Control

Matthew J. Cole

Director of Human Resources

Thomas S. McNair

Director Economic Development

Senior Team

Austin Davis

Senior Policy Advisor

Jessica Trivisonno

Senior Strategist, West Side Market

Marie Zickefoose

Senior Strategist, Press Secretary

Calley Mersmann

Senior Strategist, Transit & Mobility

Marvin Owens, Jr.

Senior Strategist, Southeast Side

Rhonda K. Brown

Senior Strategist, Arts & Culture

LGBTQ+ Liaisons

Kevin Schmotzer

LGBTQ+ Liaison, City of Cleveland