Children out in Community

Violence Prevention Strategy

Everyone deserves to feel safe in our neighborhoods, at school or at the grocery store. The Bibb administration is committed to taking a comprehensive approach to improve public safety to address gun violence and prevent violent crime.

Mayor Bibb’s Violence Prevention Strategy seeks to:

  • Deploy more police officers to walk the streets and solve crimes
  • Invest in education and after-school programs to keep children and young people engaged
  • Ensure seniors are connected to city and social services to keep them safe
  • Keep people who commit violent crime off the streets
  • Crack down on illegal guns and keep weapons out of the hands of criminals
  • Divert people experiencing a mental health crisis to support services

This framework is a first-step towards a comprehensive strategy that will address immediate needs and act as a long-term plan guided by a theory of change to address violence. The following overarching pathways — Intervention and Prevention, Communication and Engagement, and Social Justice and Public Safety — clarify how this strategy will lead to results.




This review is rooted in a public health approach with an equity lens: 1) define the problem;  2) investigate why violence occurs; 3) explore ways to prevent violence; 4) scale up proven and promising interventions. Along with this public health approach, there is also a commitment to equity that listens to and includes community in the design and interventions for preventing violence.

Download a draft of the Violence Prevention Landscape.



Mayor Bibb established the first internal cross-enterprise violence prevention workgroup.  These cabinet level members and staff from communications, public safety, community relations, government affairs, the division of police , and the health department are charged with serving as the thought leadership and clearinghouse for programs and partnerships established to address violence in Cleveland. 

The workgroup includes:

Chief Sonya Pryor-Jones, Youth and Family Success
Chief Director Karrie Howard, Public Safety
Chief Dornat Drummond, Division of Police
Chief Sarah Johnson, Communications
Director Angela Shute-Woodson, Community Relations Board
Marie Zickefoose, Press Secretary
Austin Davis, Senior Government Affairs Strategist
Commissioner Lita Marie Wills,  Division of Health and Social Justice
Taylor DiPlacido, Graphic Designer
Jakimah Dye, Assistant Director of Public Safety