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100-Day Tracker

The Transition Report was informed by the work of a transition committee focused on ten priority areas. A diverse cross-section of community leaders, business executives, neighborhood advocates, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, public servants, labor voices, activists came together to develop recommendations to inform this set of actions and priorities for the first 100 days.

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100-Day Tracker

The 100-Day Tracker is a dashboard of measurable actions taken undertaken by Mayor Justin Bibb’s administration between January 3, 2022 and April 13, 2022. It was launched by the Office of Mayor Justin M. Bibb to offer greater transparency, accountability and commitment to change in City Hall. Actions that remain in progress or not started are continued priorities for the administration. This tracker represents a historical record of progress made in the first 100 days of Mayor Bibb’s administration and will not be updated further.

Mayor's 100 Day Tracker