New Police Chief Dornat A. Drummond

Mayor Justin M. Bibb Announces Dornat “Wayne” A. Drummond as Cleveland’s 41st Chief of Police


Thursday, July 21, 2022 — Cleveland — At a press conference this morning, Mayor Bibb, alongside Chief Director of Public Safety Karrie Howard, Council President Blaine Griffin, Ward 8 Councilman and Safety Committee Chair Mike Polensek, and faith and community leaders, announced the permanent appointment of Dornat “Wayne” A. Drummond as Cleveland's 41st Chief of Police.  

“Sometimes you don’t need to do a search to find your leader. Sometimes that leader finds you,” said Mayor Bibb. “Over the past 6 months as mayor, I have been consistently impressed with Chief Drummond’s skill, dedication and genuine passion for the mission of protecting and serving the people of Cleveland. He has demonstrated from day one why he is the right leader to take our police department into the future.”    

Chief Drummond has been a member of the Cleveland Division of Police for over 33 years and has a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and needs of the community. While serving as the commander overseeing the City's Fifth District, he was able to make long-lasting improvements through relationships and rapport with the community.  

“I am proud to continue working alongside Chief Wayne Drummond,” said Chief Director of Public Safety Karrie D. Howard. “He has been a progressive, dynamic leader of the Cleveland Division of Police and a true asset to the City.” 

Chief Drummond was appointed to the Cleveland Division of Police on May 8, 1989. He began his career in law enforcement in the First District. Chief Drummond was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2000 and to Lieutenant in 2002, supervising units including the Fugitive Unit. Drummond also served as the Division’s Public Information Officer.  

In 2005, Wayne Drummond was appointed to the rank of Commander, overseeing the Division’s District on the city’s northeast side, including the Collinwood and Glenville neighborhoods. On February 10, 2014, Wayne Drummond was appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief of Field Operations, overseeing the five neighborhood districts, the Bureau of Traffic, the Bureau of Community Policing, and special events for the division.

“Over the years I have always appreciated how Chief Drummond, who I met when he was Fifth District commander, spent time in the community,” said longtime Cleveland resident Bill Newsome. “I was living in Glenville when he came on and he was always a presence. He didn’t send someone; he came out himself and we felt a real connection with him.”

Chief Wayne Drummond is a graduate of the University of Toledo and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Class 230. He was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and grew up in the City of Cleveland in the Cedar Avenue neighborhood. Chief Wayne Drummond has been married to his wife, Trish, for 27 years. They have four children and three grandchildren.

“When I started my career over 33 years ago as a First District as a patrol officer, I never envisioned that I would become a chief of police," Chief Drummond said. “Every experience I have had, from that day until today, has prepared me well for this opportunity. We are not the same police department we were when I started. We are not the same police department we were a few years ago—and that’s a good thing. We are always getting better, and I appreciate all the support I have received from Mayor Bibb, Chief Director Howard, members of City Council, and members of our community.”

Chief Wayne Drummond will serve as the 41st Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police.