City Hall

Cleveland City Council Approves Mayor’s 2022 Budget


Monday, March 21, 2022 – Cleveland, OH – Today, Cleveland City Council approved Mayor Justin M. Bibb’s proposed budget. The budget will support the administration’s commitment to improving service delivery for the residents across the city and lay the groundwork for the long-term vision. 

“I appreciate City Council’s faith in my administration to deliver our long-term vision to make Cleveland a national model for city management, police reform and neighborhood revitalization,” stated Mayor Bibb, “I will lead this administration with urgency, transparency and equity, always making decisions with our residents at the center.”  

The City of Cleveland’s operating budget is just over $1.8 billion, increasing investments in essential services such as code enforcement, public safety, and public health; as well as in strategic initiatives like lead paint eradication and racial and economic equity across the city. “Though the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the City’s fiscal health remains uncertain, my administration is committed to doing the work necessary to bring structural balance to the City’s operating budgets in the near future,” said Mayor Bibb. 

Although the budget is not structurally balanced, through the use of federal revenue recovery funds, the budget is balanced. 

“We want to work with the Mayor and his team to ensure that we see improvements in the basic city services for our community,” said City Council President Blaine Griffin, “City Council will closely monitor how the budget is spent this year.” 

For more information regarding the 2022 operating budget proposed by Mayor Bibb, click here.